Birth-laboratory-bellular- beauty-richelet

The birth of the 1st French Laboratory of Cellular Beauty

Jacques Antoine Lucien Richelet started his professional journey in Paris, graduating from The Faculty of Pharmacy in Paris - now Paris-Descartes.

In 1905, he introduced his first success: the RICHELET Depurative! A tonic of purifying plants, formulated to treat, among other things, skin problems - eczema, acne, psoriasis, irritations. A small revolution!


The Basque Era

By the 1940s, the pharmacist had relocated to Bayonne, on the Basque coast, a popular summer destination for high society.

The RICHELET Depurative was becoming known in several countries and so, the RICHELET brand took off, with Richelet introducing more products to his portfolio, including a throat lozenge, and a soap!


The Revolution of RICHELET®

In the 1980s, interest in “nutricosmetics” was growing. After a returning to Paris as Les Laboratoires RICHELET, nothing could be more natural since its expertise in the field dates back to 1905, and by 1988, Les Laboratoires RICHELET launched Selenium ACE, the brand's first antioxidant food supplement, was introduced to the French market.

By the turn of the millennium, the range had expanded with RICHELET Selenium ACE 30 and RICHELET Selenium ACE 50+, RICHELET Selenium ACE Cream, RICHELET HelioSelen and RICHELET VisioSelen.


RICHELET® gets a makeover

RICHELET® takes new life - but with the same vision!

The development of CELLENIUMTM of natural origin is a complex that Lucien Richelet would have been proud! The team, now based in RICHELET’s offices in the Paris region, is committed to revealing your natural beauty, and what better way to do this than to start by nourishing the cells deep down every day, where they come to life. At RICHELET®, we believe that beauty is not limited to the superficial layers of the skin and that it is necessary to act at the source, in the deeper layers of the skin.