With RICHELET®, beauty supplements that support your cells’ natural renewal cycle, you act where your beauty comes to life: on the cells that are born in the deepest layer of the epidermis and then rise to the surface of your skin, according to a natural cycle of around 1 month. Learn how RICHELET® supports your cell renewal cycle, here.

The Natural Cell Renewal Cycle

The skin is composed of several layers, including the epidermis and the dermis; the cell renewal process starts with division, differentiation, and proliferation in the lower layers of the epidermis. These cells then travel to the surface of our skin, in around a month1.

Hair is a filament of keratin that grows

Hair is a keratinous filament that grows out of the epidermis; the hair root ends deep in the dermis at the hair bulb. Hair growth begins with the production of keratinocytes by the basal cells of the hair bulb2. As new cells are deposited at the hair bulb, within the epidermis, the hair shaft is pushed through the follicle toward the surface. Keratinization is completed as the cells are pushed to the skin surface to form the shaft of hair that is externally visible2.

Similarly, the nail bed is a specialized structure of the epidermis. The nail body is formed on the nail bed, protecting the tips of our fingers and toes as they are the farthest extremities and the parts of the body that experience the most physical stress on a daily basis. The nail body is composed of densely packed dead keratinocytes. The epidermis in this part of the body has evolved a specialized structure upon which nails can form. The nail body forms at the nail root, which has a matrix of proliferating cells from the stratum basale that enables the nail to grow continuously3.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants within our bodies.

Free radicals are molecules with an odd (unpaired) number of electrons. Oxidative stress can occur due to different influencers including air pollution, smoking, metabolism as well as diet4. The uneven number allows them to easily react with other (stable) molecules and damage the cells. These reactions are known as oxidation which can contribute towards aging5.

Enter – antioxidants!

Antioxidants intercept free radicals, helping to protect cells (and therefore skin) from oxidative damage. They can donate an electron to a free radical without making themselves unstable. This causes the free radical to stabilize6.

Supplementation & Beauty

Richelet’s nutrients are delivered via blood vessels reaching the lower layers of the dermis and via arterioles to the lower layer of the epidermis (basal cell layer). The cells then differentiate and proliferate through the layers of the epidermis7 to the stratum corneum, acting where beauty comes to life and according to the natural cell cycle to compliment the action of topicals.

Our skin is structured to protect us from the outside and topical products do not typically penetrate the deeper skin layers.7,8 Supplements are absorbed systemically and are therefore able to reach the deepest layers of the skin from the inside.9

Enter – RICHELET®!

RICHELET® with CELLENIUM™ of Natural Origin

RICHELET®’s CELLENIUMTM complex, is a blend of scientifically proven ingredients of natural origin which protects cells from internal and external free radicals via powerful antioxidant reactions. Antioxidants protect the developing cells from oxidative damage10,11, supporting healthy cell renewal through division, proliferation, and differentiation.

CELLENIUMTM is a complex comprised of organic Selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and soybean, a natural source of Vitamin E. Selenium and vitamin E contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress5. CELLENIUMTM compounds enter the developing cells via the blood and neutralize free radicals.

All RICHELET® products contain CELLENIUMTM of natural origin, discover them here!