Zoom in on your nails

To understand what to do, let's go back to basics - nails are made up of several layers of keratin1 - yes, like hair.  This fibrous protein protects hair and nails from daily attacks. If your nails are in poor health, the keratin is weakened2. So, what can cause weakened keratin?

• Bad habits and routines. Fatigue and an unbalanced diet can cause deficiencies, especially in zinc3 and selenium4 - nutrients your nails need!

• Chemical products5. Your nails don't like chemicals such as detergents. These attack the top layer of the nail and can make it brittle.

• Overexposure to water5. The fingernail is porous. The water, on entering, loosens the keratin layers from each other. The nails can soften and split.

• Your nerves! Do you bite your nails at the slightest stress? This is the best way to spoil them. Biting the nails can cause them to split…admit it, the result isn’t very elegant.

• Fungal infections and other diseases5 (hypothyroidism, anaemia, anorexia) can also affect your nails, causing stains, streaks, discolouring. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms and have any concerns, please consult your family doctor, or a dermatologist.

Age: As you get older, your nails may dry out and grow more slowly. Toenails usually get thicker and harder, while fingernails get thinner and easier to break. There's no specific age when this happens, and it doesn't happen to everyone, but it could be the cause of your brittle nails.


Damaged nails: what to do?

The good news is, you have the solution at your fingertips!  A well thought out menu, a simple treatment integrated into your daily beauty ritual and you will start to see results: healthy nails, proud to show off!

1. Balance your diet

A good diet is the foundation. Eat varied foods, ensuring a good intake of vitamins and minerals6.  Damaged nails could be due to being low on zinc3 - oysters over to you, they are champions in this field!7  Zinc can also be found in foods such as beef, pork, shellfish, peanuts and legumes8.

Your beauty asset? RICHELET®  beauty supplement! In addition to a healthy diet, give your nails every chance to grow healthy and strong with, in particular, zinc and selenium which contribute to the maintenance of normal nails3,4.  One capsule every day with a glass of water, and you will see the effect throughout the year.

2. Say “no” to aggressors

Chemicals5, such as dish soap, can weaken the nails – a simple solution is to wear dish gloves.  Nail clippers are not recommended if your nails are brittle9 – instead, use a cardboard file and, file from the sides to the centre10. Don’t overload your nails with varnish11.  Let your nails breathe and, from time to time, offer them a hardening varnish to help protect them from daily wear and tear. And, of course, to have long, beautiful nails, stop biting them!12 Not easy? An anti-bite varnish can help you, here.

3. Long live a little pampering!

Take the time to care for your nails – easier said than done!  In front of your favourite mini-series, give your nails a bath of olive oil6, for example, which can nourish the nail’s surface. Do you have striated or brittle nails? Strengthen them by soaking them in a mixture of sweet almond oil and lemon juice6.


Cared for inside and out, your nails will regain their strength and shine. Because beautiful nails are above all, healthy nails.