Are you wondering how to have beautiful shiny hair? Not surprising! Beautiful hair is a big plus. It illuminates the face and emphasizes inner beauty. But having shiny hair goes beyond the aesthetic dimension - hair with a smooth texture is generally perceived to be healthy1. However, in our busy lives, a multitude of external attacks are damaging our hair, which can result in dull or damaged hair. Do not worry anymore: we will give you the best secrets to have beautiful hair. Prepare to shine with RICHELET®’s tips on how to have beautiful hair.


What is preventing you from having shiny hair?

General Health

Hair with a healthy appearance can be a sign of outstanding overall health (not to mention, a good, regular hair care routine!). Typically, those people with a general, good level of health have sufficient nutrients in their diet, yet we know that there are also many people who cannot practice good nutrition, whereas others have medical challenges which means that they are more inclined to experience nutritional deficiencies. When this happens, it can become evident in changes that effect the scalp, and so, sometimes also the hair.  Aging can case hair to change colour, be weak and/or, fall out, however, this can also happen when malnutrition occurs2.

Aggressive products.

Chemical treatments, in connection with little investment in your grooming habits, as well as environmental factors can result in changes to the texture of your hair. These changes expose themselves, minutely, as damages to the hair shaft and contribute to the weakening of the hair’s structure.  Due to this damage, your hair will be more prone to tangling, and it is likely to appear rougher.  This, “weathering” can be noticeable in all hair types however, long hair which is exposed to repeated treatments of such products, will most likely show more obvious signs of damage3.

Hair styling, such as dying, use of permanent wave or straightening lotions, as well as the use of hair straighteners, can all impact the quality of your hair4.  Although the immediate effect is beautiful, over time, these products and/or tools, can cause damage to the hair shaft - they can disturb the overlapping cuticular scales of the hairs structure, making the hair prone to the effects of humidity (see below) and, static electricity whilst also making the hair harder to manage/style, and therefore the ability to achieve beautiful shiny hair.

Note that some fatty, alcohol-based substances, like Lauryl sulfates, Laureth sulfates as well as Sarcosines are quite efficient at removing sebum from the hair and the scalp.  You should also be aware however, that cleaning the hair too regularly can result in a rough texture, a dull colour, and can even be more prone to knotting5

Environmental factors

Humidity isn’t only uncomfortable, it causes a major hair issue for many of us.…

Humidity in the air makes hydrogen bonds to form between the proteins and the water molecules that exist in your hair, which then prompts curls and frizz to form6.

Additionally, exposure to pollution is not only known to pose a risk to general human health but can also have a negative effect on the structure of the hair7.

Also, to note - sorry, but UV rays from the sun8 are also not good for your hair.  Exposing your scalp to heat too often causes it to dry out, losing vitality and shine.

You can protect yourself from environmental impact on your hair, by wearing a hat or scarf as well as using products that create a protective film.

Bad eating habits

As you know, the health of your body is closely related to the content of your plate. Did you also know that your diet has a direct impact on your hair9?


How to have beautiful hair: our secrets

The secret to beautiful, shiny hairwill surprise you with its simplicity - a few, simple well-being gestures are sufficient to restore hair to its natural vitality!

Ally number 1: Use a shampoo suitable for your hair type

Thin, thick, voluminous, curly, straight...knowing your hair type is essential to being able to pamper it effectively.  Don’t know your hair type?  Ask your hairdresser! An expert will know how to analyze the nature of your hair and guide you to the best products.  Take the opportunity to offer yourself a new cut to give yourself some fresh, va-va-voom!

Dry hair has rougher cuticles, and since we know that rough surfaces make hair appear dull, hydration is key to getting shiny hair!  So, if you’re feeling creative, try making yourself a coconut oil hair mask10 to take your hair from dull and dry to shiny and silky, in just a few minutes! 

Get rid of sulphate and silicone-based products from your shelves and replace them with less harmful substances or organic hair care products made from natural ingredients11.

Ally number 2: cold showers!

It may not be the most comfortable way to end your shower, but cold water, it is believed, can narrow and tighten the blood flow which impacts the healthy glow of your skin and hair! skin and hair a healthier glow 12.

A small change that could result in your hair becoming stronger and healthier, over time.

Ally number 3: Boost your biotin!

Biotin is known as a beauty vitamin because it contributes towards the maintenance of healthy skin and hair.13    Biotin can be found in natural foods such as walnuts, egg yolk, liver, as well as some vegetables like peas, beans, and lentils.14

For beautiful hair, try   for the vitamins you need to keep your hair shiny and healthy, day after day!