Pollution, sun, fast food: you feel the impact of external aggressions and you wonder how to have beautiful skin?  For beautiful skin on the face and body, the recipe is simple = a healthy lifestyle 

The skin is an organ made up of several layers of tissue. To have beautiful skin, you would need to clean, nourish and protect it on a daily basis, but it only needs a simple routine to make it shine. 


Good habits to feel good about yourself

  1. Choose beauty products that are suited to different skin types - which include oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin.  Your cleansing solutions, serums, and creams should match your skin type. Do you have any doubts? Ask your dermatologist for a diagnosis and advice on which types of products are best for you. For wrinkles, acne, or sunspots, choose beauty items that target the problem.
  2. Protect yourself from the sun… and not just in the summer! The sun accelerates aging of the skin1 and UV takes its toll all year round – so make sure you protect your skin from the sun’s rays in all seasons.  Are you a ski and powder enthusiast? Remember to also apply cream before hitting the slopes!
  3. Drink enough water! Not only does water serve as a natural raincoat for your skin, as the skin is composed of around 30% water, water contributes to the skin’s plumpness and elasticity2. Hydration also helps prevent skin dryness, which can accentuate the appearance of wrinkles3.   Water along is not enough, alone, to stop wrinkle formation, which are also related to genetic and environmental factors, such as sun damage2 (have you read point number 2?).  Additionally, excessive alcohol intake could make fine lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced4
  4. Eat a balanced diet– this benefits the whole body.  We aren't talking about enjoying the occasional take-out…if most of your calories are coming from fast food, high in refined sugars or carbohydrates, your skin is going to pay the price5.  To complement a healthy diet, you may think about taking a supplement6, such as , or   to your daily routine. RICHELET® beauty supplements are specially formulated with minerals and vitamins for beautiful skin.
  5. Get your sweat on! Sport promotes health - but also, sweating does have some positive benefits for your skin! It moisturizes the skin7. Regular exercise and normal sweat production have been shown to potentially have anti-aging effects8. However, there are two critical points to remember - first, get enough water to avoid dehydration! Second, after exercising, sweat shouldn't sit on the skin for too long. Wash your face off relatively soon after your workout, otherwise, you run the risk of subjecting yourself to sweat’s negative effects.
  6. Lastly, get your “beauty sleep”. Sleep deprivation can affect negatively various skin biophysical properties9. Give yourself the amount of sleep you need to have beautiful skin and start the day on the right foot!