Whilst the process of deterioration with ageis inevitable, many of us wonder how to slow down skin aging. The truth is, that the condition of our skin naturally alters with age1. From around the age of 30, we notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles2. Added to these genetically determined processes is the acceleration of aging by environmental factors. Discover the causes of facial wrinkles below and, how to effectively combat skin aging.


What causes facial wrinkles and aging skin?

Skin aging is a natural and complex phenomenon, and there are multiple causes of the appearance of wrinkles on the face. To slow down the aging of the skin, it is necessary to differentiate that genetic influences are unavoidable, but you can slow down the skin aging process by focusing on external microaggressions.

The primary cause of skin aging is biological; cellular functions slow down over time2. The blood supply to the skin decreases3, and with it the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the epidermis. In addition, genetics plays a role in skin aging. Skin type, ethnic origin, and skin dryness influence this4

Environmental factors also have an impact on skin aging. Good news: you can protect yourself when you know the five biggest enemies of your skin:

1. The sun: it can be a dangerous enemy because it’s so attractive, but accumulated and/or unprotected sun exposure damages skin cells. Collateral effects include coarse wrinkling, rough texture, and even a mottled pigmentation, as well as loss of skin elasticity5.

2. Pollution: Air pollutants damage the skin by inducing oxidative stress6. Cell-structure damage, due to oxidative stress, can lead to skin relaxation and a more wrinkled appearance7.

3. Tobacco: Tobacco smoke from your cigarettes can impair collagen metabolism and cause premature skin aging and wrinkle formation8.  The action of pursing the lips and contraction of facial muscles whilst smoking, with the additional impact of squinting due to smoke irritation, can exacerbate the formation of wrinkling around the mouth and eye area9.

4. Junk food: excessive intake of foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugar, and fat, as well as fast foods which are typically cooked in oil at high temperature, can cause cellular damage to the skin, via excess free radicals production, impacting the skin’s elasticity, therefore accelerating the development of fine lines and wrinkles10.  Moreover, a salty diet can extract water from the skin which increases the risk of dehydration, making your skin more prone to fine lines and wrinkles11.

5. Stress: Psychological stress is also believed to act on mechanisms by which aging is known to occur12.


How not to age the face?

There's no miracle recipe for keeping your skin looking in its 20s. On the other hand, you can influence how to slow down the aging of the skin, by introducing some simple habits :

  • Apply sunscreen before exposing yourself to UV rays, in summer as well as winter!  Keep it simple - consider changing your usual moisturizer to one that contains SPF!
  • Nourish your skin to lessen the effects of pollution; cleanse your face twice a day to remove any pollutants left on the surface.  Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week, and moisturize morning and night. 
  • Do you smoke? You know what you have to do…
  • Introduce a more balanced diet, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein that can help fight inflammation13.  Be mindful that ingredients containing vitamins C14, E15, and selenium16 protect your skin from oxidative stress.  A daily food supplement such as  , which contains collagen Peptides, can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It’s easy to say stop stressing!  Think about some stress management techniques to help keep you grounded:

o Meditation and breathing exercises can help manage anxiety and stress, whilst preparing for difficult situations17

o Are you getting enough sleep?  Stress can adversely affect sleep quality and duration, while insufficient sleep can increase stress levels18.During sleep, your body regenerates itself which benefits the brain, the immune system, and also, your skin19!  Give yourself the amount of sleep you need to have beautiful skin – but also, it will prepare you to start the day on the right foot!