What are the causes of brittle hair?

Unsuitable brushing, excessive heat drying, colouring, perm, exposure to the sun, sea, or swimming pool, but also lack of vitamins due to an unbalanced diet1... External aggressions and nutrient deficiencies can make hair brittle let’s take a look at the various hair attacks:

  1. The hair barrier is damaged. If the hair’s natural protective coating, the hydrolipidic film, is damaged, it no longer fulfills its protective function for both internal and external reasons.  Moisture located in the core of the hair shaft can then evaporate, leaving you with dry (brittle) hair2.
  2. The keratin3 in the hair shaft is destroyed. Aggressions and deficiencies damage the keratin chains which strengthen the hair. Result: the hair becomes brittle, porous and breaks.


Damaged hair: what to do to fix it?

Strengthening broken hair is within your reach. You now avoid scorching drying, repeated colouring, and regular and prolonged exposure to the sun. Great!. Also, get in the habit of pampering your body and adopt a gentle hair routine that suits your hair type.

  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is mild and suitable for your hair. Our secret: a nourishing treatment enriched with jojoba oil4, coconut milk5 or keratin6.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Or cold, if you have the courage! Hot water opens the hair cuticle and weakens the core of the hair fiber7. 
  • Dry brush your hair8. Wet hair is weakened due to water penetrating the outer layer and causing it to swell leading to higher breakage.  
  • Style your hair with delicacy. Avoid pulling your hair too hard when making yourself a beauty. In addition, the use of products such as hairspray, and heat damage from the dryer, tongs, or straightening iron, damages them in the long run. How about wearing your hair naturally?
  • Go regularly to the hairdresser to have the ends cut. The tip of the hair is often the most damaged part. Cutting every six to eight weeks helps keep your hair healthy.


In summary, the miracle solution is to adopt good habits to have resplendent hair…one simple addition to your hair care routine, try  for the vitamins you need to strengthen your hair, day after day!